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Sell your vehicle with AutoHunter

Missing a professional personal touch? Let down by the long wait to get your car listed at auction?

AutoHunter provides an online auction solution built on innovative technology supported by an award-winning customer service team and a community of automotive experts to guide, inform and educate consignors and bidders using our Safe-N-Secure™ platform producing an efficient transaction at the right hammer price. Fast. Easy. Effective.

Autohunter Auction Package

No fee to submit a vehicle for review.
$128 upon acceptance.

  • No seller's commission
  • Live customer support
  • Title/VIN check
  • Seller's guarantee
  • CARFAX (1981 and newer)
  • Professionally written listing
  • Enhanced marketing
  • Safe-n-Secure™ Technology
  • Buyer protection program
  • Expert valuation

How it works

Step 1

No fee to submit your vehicle for review. We notify you if your car has been accepted.

Step 2

Payment collected. Listing is drafted
Upon vehicle acceptance, we collect $128 payment and professionally write your listing.

Step 3

Auction scheduled
We work with you to establish scheduling.

Why Us?

Discover the AutoHunter difference.
Professionally Written Vehicle Description

A professionally written vehicle description helps get your car sold. Our experienced automotive writers go to work and personalize each vehicle story so you don’t have to. We collect your information and make it shine without distracting opinions or critique. Just the vehicle facts presented in a clear, concise, and compelling editorial.

Live Customer Service & Support

Our corporately based, award-winning customer support is available both online and by phone. The customer service staff is available to speak with you to answer any questions you may have about AutoHunter, as well as assisting you in listing your vehicle for auction, or for help with bidding. You can email us at info@AutoHunter.com or call us at 480-845-6600, M-F 8am-5pm, MST Mountain Standard Time.

No seller's comissions

Unlike a live in-person auction, the seller does not pay a commission on the sale of their vehicle on AutoHunter. A $128 listing fee is only collected after your car is accepted for auction. There is no fee to submit your car for review. We keep it simple, fast and effective.

VIN and Title Check

Every vehicle submitted for auction goes through a title and VIN verification. Through this process, we make sure the title is clean and transferable, and matches up with the VIN on the vehicle. We also decode each VIN to make sure the vehicle matches the listing. Once your vehicle has been accepted for auction, we independently photograph the VIN on the vehicle for authentication. It is our commitment to provide a Safe-n-Secure™ transaction that gives our buyers and sellers that extra peace of mind!

Seller’s Guarantee

At AutoHunter, we guarantee that should a vehicle not sell at auction we will list the vehicle on ClassicCars.com until sold. With over 4.5 million visitors, it’s another great way to get your vehicle sold.

Carfax (1981 and newer)

Every applicable listing (1981 vehicles and newer) includes a CarFax vehicle history report that will be available on the listing page for all buyers to see. It is our commitment to provide a Safe-n-Secure™ transaction that gives our buyer’s that extra peace of mind!

Enhanced Marketing

Enhanced marketing prioritizes your vehicle to get maximum exposure. Your vehicle will benefit from larger, featured placement on the homepage of AutoHunter as one of the first vehicles visible to all visitors, as well as being listed as a featured vehicle in the AutoHunter daily newsletter. Next, we prioritize your vehicle in search results, so your vehicle is one the first to appear in the lineup. We go the extra mile by listing the vehicle in the featured auction section of ClassicCars.com, seen by over 4.5 million monthly visitors. Nobody else gives you this extra coverage!

Buyer Protection Program

AutoHunter provides a limited buyer's protection program (BPP) that is included at no charge with every vehicle purchase. It is our commitment to provide a Safe-n-Secure™ transaction that gives our buyer's that extra peace of mind! For consignors, this is just one more way that Autohunter makes your vehicle extra special to bidders.

The program covers buyers for losses for up to $25,000 resulting from the following unlikely scenarios of seller misrepresentation and fraud:

  • Paying for and not receiving vehicle and title
  • Receiving a stolen vehicle or vehicle with an undisclosed title lien
  • Undisclosed body and frame damage
  • Receiving a vehicle with undisclosed salvage, junk, scrapped/destroyed, flood, water damage title brands
  • Misrepresented model year, make or model
  • Misrepresented mileage that results in devaluation of the vehicle

The buyer automatically qualifies for the BPP on the day the auction closed with a successful bid and it allows the buyer up to 30 days, and within 2 days after delivery of the purchased vehicle to notify us of a problem. Simply contact your AutoHunter representative for additional information.


The AutoHunter auction platform represents a series of safety related background operational processes and policies to provide buyers and sellers a safe transactional environment. Based on our deep transactional experience on Classicars.com, we’ve implemented the best industry practices along with trusted security providers to help ensure the integrity of vehicle listings as well as the financial security of the online bidding process.

Expert Valuation

Our automotive specialists have a finger on the pulse of collector car valuations. We do the heavy lifting in establishing your car's value by analyzing comparable valuations, selling history, condition, supply & demand, and the characteristic features that make your car special. You can be confident that the valuation is in-line with the industry and will help get your car sold.

AutoHunter Upgrade Option:
Professional Photography

How your vehicle looks matters! Online vehicle buyers demand high quality photographs to help them make a decision. Our experienced photographers make sure your vehicle is portrayed accurately and professionally. It’s also convenient! The photographer comes to your site and does all the work. This upgrade can be selected during the submission process for an extra fee. Or, just contact our customer service department and we’ll be happy to add it to the package.


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"Fantastic service and attention to detail. Readily available for any questions. I will use them over and over if need be."
- William
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"A great place to take care of your business. Your vehicles are in good hands."
- David
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"This was a blast selling a car on this website. The email link was easy. Great help from an actual person as well. Will use again soon."
- Lyf
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"This website was amazing. They helped me every step of the way of selling my car quickly."
- Alan