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Detailed How It Works

Selling a Vehicle: It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1

Submit your vehicle
No fee to submit your vehicle for review. We notify you if your car has been accepted.

Step 2

Payment collected. Listing is drafted
Upon vehicle acceptance, we collect $149.99 payment and professionally write your listing.

Step 3

Auction scheduled
We work with you to establish scheduling.

Selling a vehicle at AutoHunter is an easy and enjoyable process. It starts with you creating an account with us. Once you are a registered member AutoHunter, you can submit your vehicle for sale by using the vehicle submission page where you can send us details about the vehicle including the a description, photo of title and VIN, and vehicle photos. Title information is strictly confidential and will not be shared. We feature a base listing fee of $149.99 which includes exclusive benefits to help get your vehicle sold.

A convenient onsite vehicle photography service is available at additional cost. We make it easy so you don’t have the hassle of taking photos, composure, editing and uploading. We’ll send a photographer right to your door who will take pro photos that really make your vehicle pop. This option can be selected in the shopping cart, or you can call us direct at: 480-845-6600.

Not every car is selected by AutoHunter, but we give every vehicle serious consideration. If your vehicle is selected, one of our automotive specialists will further review your vehicle submission and contact you if there are additional questions.

Once your vehicle is accepted at AutoHunter, we pair you with a personal account representative who will help you through the process. Also, our professional advertisement writers will author your listing and we will collect the listing fee from you. Our goal is to turn around each vehicle as quickly as possible.

If you’re selling a vehicle on AutoHunter it must not be listed for sale elsewhere, and once accepted, we require that you remove any other advertisements for your vehicle that are listed on other platforms before we’ll list it for you. We expertly advertise your vehicle and want total market focus on it.

You may choose to list your vehicle with a reserve price, or you may list your vehicle to be sold with no reserve. If you choose a reserve auction, you will be asked to suggest a reserve price. Our specialists are familiar with market pricing. If we feel that your suggested pricing is outside of our market pricing range and we can’t agree on a “market correct” reserve price, we will politely decline listing the vehicle on AutoHunter and will gladly refer you to our sister site, ClassicCars.com for a discounted classified listing. Please note that for vehicles with a Reserve, AutoHunter or the online platform reserves the right to place or advance bids, on the consignor or seller's behalf, up to the reserve amount.

When your listing is ready, your account representative will review it with you and gain your approval prior to auction. Auctions run for 7 days. We will not start or stop an auction on the weekend.

You will want to closely follow your vehicle listing for comments and questions from the AutoHunter community. Your prompt and polite responses will really help buyers feel confident in you and your vehicle. Some buyers may prefer to not post their questions on the page or have requests that they wish to keep confidential. Those buyers can elect to the contact you through the “contact seller” button. These inquiries get emailed straight to you, so make sure to check your inbox contained on your AutoHunter seller’s administration portal.

On occasion, if a final bid is below your preset vehicle reserve, AutoHunter may choose at its sole discretion to make up the difference between the reserve price and the final bid. Should this occur, the sold price for the vehicle will be indicated at the highest bid price (below reserve), and AutoHunter will reimburse the seller for the difference between the reserve price and the final bid upon confirmation of vehicle transfer to the buyer.

At the conclusion of an auction, and your vehicle has sold, the buyer’s and seller’s contact information will be exchanged via email in order to allow the parties to finalize the details of the transaction.

At AutoHunter, we guarantee that should a vehicle not sell at auction, we will list the vehicle on ClassicCars.com until sold. With over 4.5 million visitors, it’s another great way to get your vehicle sold.

Buying a Vehicle:

In order to buy a vehicle, you will first need to register as a bidder. Please follow the prompts on the bidder registration signup page. A credit card is required to register as a bidder.

All winning bidders pay a 6.5% buyer’s fee to AutoHunter calculated against the winning bid amount. The buyer’s fee is capped at $10,000 maximum and $325 minimum. If you win the auction, your card will be charged for the buyer’s fee and you pay the seller directly for the vehicle.

When you bid on a vehicle, you are entering into an agreement to buy it. Please do your due diligence before placing a bid. That means asking the seller questions, looking closely at the photos, possibly scheduling a trip to see the vehicle in person, or getting a pre-purchase inspection. If you do not plan to follow through on buying the vehicle, do not bid.... you might end up as the high bidder! Auction bids on AutoHunter are binding, and there are no refunds, should you wish to change your mind. Please note that for vehicles with a Reserve, AutoHunter or the online platform reserves the right to place or advance bids, on the consignor or seller's behalf, up to the reserve amount.

After an auction, you are introduced to the seller virtually in order to allow you and the seller to finalize the details of the transaction.

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